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Do I need to submit a Letter of Intent before applying?

AASLD Foundation does not require or request letters of intent (LOIs) for any funding programs. The Foundation does not review grant topics or aims prior to application submission.

How should I format my application?

Candidates should review the “Application Formatting Instructions” section of the relevant RFA before submitting. All applications must:

  • Include the cover pages and other required forms (e.g., project abstract form, IRB/IACUC form, etc.) provided in the program RFA.

  • Adhere to stated page limits and include only the items listed in the program RFA’s “Required Documents” section.

  • Be assembled in the order listed in the RFA’s “Required Documents” section and submitted as a single PDF.

  • Page Layouts:

    • Margins: half-inch minimum

    • Main Text Font: 10-point minimum

    • Spacing: single-spaced

    • Headers: Include a header in the upper right corner of each page with the applicant’s name (last name, first name) and award name.

  • Candidates should ensure that all figures and legends are legible, as this can influence their proposal’s evaluation.

How do I submit my application?

Select the relevant program on the submission portal homepage to get started. 

All applications must be submitted online following the instructions and format provided in the relevant RFA, which are posted on each award’s page.

Applications must be submitted by the posted deadline to be considered. 

All applications will be reviewed based on the written materials submitted; it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all materials are complete and adhere strictly to the instructions given in the relevant RFA.

All submissions will be reviewed by Foundation staff prior to peer review to confirm candidates are eligible and all required documents are included. Applicants may be contacted for additional information. If clarification or additional documentation is requested, it must be submitted by the given deadline to be considered. All decisions are final.

My mentor is also my department chair:

Do they need to submit a separate Chair letter and Mentor letter?

If the mentor is also the department chair, the mentor can opt to submit separate letters for the letter of departmental support and letter of mentor support or submit one combined letter (2 page maximum) that clearly indicates dual role and addresses points requested for both these required documents.

If they submit one combined letter, can I submit an additional letter from someone else in place of my mentor letter?

No. If the mentor is also the department chair and they submit a combined letter, this does not mean the candidate can supplement their application with an additional recommendation letter beyond what is requested in the required documents.

How can I submit new supplemental data/documentation after the award deadline?

AASLD Foundation does not request Just-In-Time (JIT) information; the application submitted should be considered complete and final.

If new critical information relevant to the application arises after the submission deadline, applicants can request its inclusion by emailing the updated information and justification for why it should be considered to awards@aasld.org. All requests will be reviewed by the relevant committee leadership; there is no guarantee that additional documentation will be accepted.

How do I withdraw a submitted application?

If an applicant’s eligibility changes during the peer review process, or an applicant wishes to withdraw their application for any reason, requests should be sent to awards@aasld.org.

When should I apply for IRB/IACUC Approval?

Most applications require IRB/IACUC protocols to be submitted at the time of application. If this is not feasible, applicants must include justification for why protocols have not been submitted at the time of application. Applicants are responsible for assuring compliance with their institution’s IRB/IAUCUC policies and procedures.